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At Bruce’s playgrounds, we love colour, you can probably tell by the colours of all our previous jobs, displayed on our site.

Rubber wet pour is a porous, durable, poured on site and developed for various applications for maximum safety. It consists of rubber granules bound with a polyurethane resin to form a continuous and seamless surface.

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Rosehill TPV® – Unique Colours

Created and patented by Rosehill Polymers, Rosehill TPV® is the next generation of colour consistent Rubber Wetpour. Manufactured in the UK, it is the Rolls Royce of safety surfacing and offers durability in suppleness, constant colour consistency as well as superior UV stability. TPV is a Thermoplastic Vulcanised Coloured Rubber.  Developed to be a robust and versatile alternative to other products of its type, it is made from premium quality virgin rubber, anti-oxidants, UV stabilisers and pigments.  Tried and tested in the harsh Australian climate, it offers superior UV stability and colour consistency. We also supply the top of the range polyurethane binders to use with our TPV Rubber.  TPV is long lasting and will remain flexible for many years.

With an advanced chemistry and over 20 colours to choose from, Rosehill TPV® is the perfect rubber granule for anyone who loves colour for your indoor or outdoor sports and play surfaces.

Rosehill TPV® outperforms other coloured rubber granules in terms of UV stability simply by utilising the most advanced additives and pigments. These are combined with one of the most innovative thermoplastic elastomer base polymers at relatively high levels to give a colour fastness that is superior.

Not only does the colour last for longer but the granules do not harden over time either as the material is cross-linked using peroxide which also offers excellent material stability in comparison to sulphur-cured granules.

Our unique colours are identified with the colour codes so you would need to use the colour code and name to ensure you get the correct colour that you want.

Letter of Authenticity with TPV ProductsWe can provide you with a certificate of authenticity with our TPV Rubber Installations.

Note: Please check on availability of colours when placing an order. Some of the colours may not be in stock so would then need to be ordered from Rosehill Polymers in the UK.

Rosehill TPV® has created a colour mixer allowing you to select the percentages of your desired colours and see instantly what your design will look like. Click on the link below to start mixing your colours!

Colour Mixer – HERE

CSBR – Pre-Coloured Recycled Rubber Crumb

Another option in Recycled Rubber is Pre-Coloured Rubber. This consists of recycled rubber shreds or granules and during manufacture Pre-Coloured Rubber granules are made of granulated tyre rubber, each piece of rubber is individually coated with coloured oxide and dried.

It is then mixed with polyurethane on site. CSBR (coloured styrene-butadiene rubber) is made of granulated tyre rubber coated with quality resins and pigments to achieve a thorough and even coloured coating. Used extensively in Australia for rubberising various surfacing applications,  Pre-Coloured Granule is available in rubber granules and comes in 18 different straight colours with options for multi colour blends. Playgrounds, patios, pool surrounds, walkways, non-slip surfaces and more. Using a state of the art high speed dispersion process, the CSBR pre-coloured crumb is assured of high colour consistency and repeatable accuracy.

EPDM – Pre-Coloured Rubber Crumb

EPDM Rubber granules are a virginised manufactured product specifically designed for use in rubber wet pour safety surfacing. A huge colour range is available enabling you to create unique patterns and themes. 

EPDM rubber is laboratory produced and cast into slabs then processed through a granulating and grading plant which sizes the product into 1-4mm granules and removes the granulation dust under 1mm thus giving an increased spread rate. EPDM has the characteristics of even higher elasticity and extremely resilient performance. The pigments used in the EPDM compound were selected to provide a wide range of 18 exciting colours. EPDM is widely used in the rubber playground industry. Bright vivid colours, high UV resistance, excellent flexibility and 18 colours to choose from.

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